Meet the board

Representing 21 countries across Europe, The Board of the EFMP is composed of 5 highly experienced representative Partners who meet on a bimonthly basis to plan , manage and provide strategic vision and guidance for the EFMP group.

Kees Wolswinkel: Chairman of the EFMP Board and Managing Director of PSfm

After his marketing studies, Kees immediately came into contact with field marketing. During his first job he was responsible for field marketing within the Dutch Commercial Broadcast Company: TROS. He soon knew he wanted to continue in this field and founded PSfm in 1996. His motto is to always challenge ourselves to do even better for our clients and employees, where innovation must contribute to the quality and flexibility of the service. Kees lives in the centre of Amsterdam, calls himself a workaholic, but also loves traveling and especially socializing. In addition, he has a great love for everything that has to do with water, from sailing on the water to sports in the water and spending time at the Dutch and Spanish beaches.

Andrea Nico: Founder and President Settimo Piano

Born in 1966, father of two super heroes, a life spent chasing balls on the football fields in the suburbs, a missed career as a naval officer, and toiling though marathons around the world. He had the good fortune of enjoying professional development at Inventa Proximity, CPM and DPV. Since 2003 he has been running on his own. He works hard and plays hard.

Corina Chiorean: CEO at g7

A 36-year-old entrepreneur, with a finance background, Corina runs the field marketing operation of g7, the Romanian EFMP agency. As any convinced optimist, she believes we all can achieve anything we plan for, on condition that we travel on this journey along with a great team with whom we share the same values and views about what is right and wrong. "Doing things that are new and incrementally better is at the foundation of our agency's working philosophy. We value progress achieved through testing ideas and continuous learning as it gives the possibility of growing along with the people in our team who are eager to update their knowledge to become a better version of themselves”.

Davide Chiorrini Dezi: Founder and CEO at Settimo Piano

One travels when the journey is worth it. A champion of culture, of using Italian correctly, open to the world and to others since 1967. A partner who deals with the finer details of the company and its initiatives. You can turn to him for all managerial and financial matters.

Nicola de Beer: Managing Director FMI

Nicola has been with FMI for 15 years and is responsible for developing the organization’s strategy and culture. She is super passionate about people, development and inclusion across society. At FMI she is believes in driving diversification through technology and ensuring the strategic direction of campaigns achieve their objectives and targets in a collaborative partnership model- favourite quote “be the change you wish to seen in the world” *Gandhi

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