Korunní WATER & WINE road show


PPM Factum, within the campaign of, prepared a new exhibition for the mineral water brand Korunní

The bar was designed in an elegant white and blue combination and its dominant feature was a backlit ceiling made of real bottles. Our new bar was christened at this year's Prague Wine Festival, which was attended by thousands of wine lovers. The fact that the bar was very successful was also confirmed by Korunní general manager who said: “PPM Factum's drafts and ideas were clearly the best of all the agencies we contacted. But the final outcome significantly exceeded our expectations. “

The bar was tended by our professional sommelier that offered the best Czech and international wines and explained which water should ideally complement each specific type of wine. Even in this area certain rules apply, for example, sparkling wine requires a different type of water than a white semi-dry wine. 

More experienced visitors know that pairing water with wine is a common practice in countries with a developed wine culture. Differences between the waters are in many cases striking. Water, by its composition and taste, can improve or spoil one’s impression from the wine. For this reason, the trademark "Water suitable for wine" was created.

Water suitable for wine should be tasty, fresh and without unpleasant aromas. That is why Korunní water with light mineral content has an ideal set of features that highlight all the delights associated with wine. Therefore, Czech sommeliers recommend it as water suitable for drinking with wine. 

We are already looking forward to the next stop, which is this year's 52nd International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary; Korunní mineral water has been an essential part of the festival for eleven years. 

Movies should be accompanied by wine and wine should be accompanied by Korunní mineral water. That's why our 10-member team of promoters will sell the chilled Korunní mineral water displayed on a special hanger. As a result of that, visitors will have their favorite mineral water on hand, both at the spa colonnade and during the film projection in Thermal. The eleventh team member – our charming sommelier - will make sure that the visitors are able to discover the finest details of their wine’s features and enjoy it as never before. 

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