Settimo Piano launch digitalBA platform


Italian EFMP partner Settimo Piano are one of the leading independent field marketing agencies in Italy. During the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers movements were highly restricted and as a result activity like street marketing and shopping mall activations all came to a complete standstill.  For Field Marketing Agencies this time necessitated an innovative and creative approach to continue working even when it all seemed impossible. Settimo Piano set out to create digitalBA, to help them and their teams adapt to the changes imposed by the pandemic while also aligning themselves to the increasing digitalization trend. 

DigitalBA is the consolidation of Settimo Pianos vast experience, gained during years of executing effective field marketing activities, with their newly sharpened digital marketing expertise.

The digitalBA platform converts physical stands within the large-scale retail trade that are closed due to Covid-19, into virtual stands available to users. The platform provides Settimo Piano customers with a space where their consumers can compare proposals and offers by publishing content as digital posts on social networks. This innovative solution is a unifying tool, integrating the strengthens and actions of the field while reaching a more social target audience. 

digitalBA aims to collect leads and increase the chances of success for a sales consultant, through utilising the social community networks as a means to broaden customers’ audience even when traditional face to face social interactions have been reduced.

The current global climate is calling for change and a move towards digitization. The digitalBA platform has been Settimo Piano’s response to this by creating new business opportunities amidst the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

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