USP Partner helps to get Audi Q4 e-tron on the road in Switzerland.


During the summer EFMP Swiss Partner, USP Partner, teamed up with Audi Switzerland to help them launch the highly acclaimed progressive electric vehicle, the Q4 e-tron, into the Swiss market. 

The main objective was to encourage consumers to test drive the Q4 e-tron, by covering 50 car dealerships across 3 regions in Switzerland for a period of 1- 3 days each. The team’s aim was for every dealer to have 20-24 guests to test drive the car. 

For a car of this calibre, the planning, management, and execution of the launch had to be seamless for both the customers and for the car dealers involved. USP Partner put their expertise to work by meticulously recruiting the right team and by managing  the resource planning required to run the project. The team also had to coordinate and set up a booking management system and communicate booking confirmations to both the dealers and to the customers, while also planning the  logistics for the delivery of the vehicles. The end-to-end planning, coordinating, managing, and reporting on the progress of the project was a major factor in ensuring that the test-driving experience matched the sophistication and brand experience customers have come to expect from Audi and would definitely anticipate from the Q4 e-tron promotion. 

To this end, one team was allocated per region, with 2 product geniuses who were responsible for explaining the efficiency, performance, and quiet tranquillity of the Audi Q4 e-tron, and how it offers a different driving experience in a new technological era. There were 8 allocated slots per day with 4 guests per slot permitted. The first explainer was allocated and present in person when the guest collected the car, while the second explainer connected to the test car via radio, to explain the various unique features of the vehicle, such as the new electric all-wheel drive system which is combined with cutting-edge suspension solutions that provides for optimal traction and handling in all driving situations and in any weather. Having the informative commentary provided as users experienced the drive added an immersive experience of the car that stayed with drivers long after the drive was over.

In  summary, it was a successful month-long event that took place between June and July 2021. The team comprised a total of 15 people, who had become experts at sharing the high-tech specifications of the Audi Q4 e-tron, spread across 20 dealers. The USP Partner project team exceeded their target by delivering 28.5 test drives per dealer as opposed to the original targeted 18 test drives. All in all, 733 participants took part in test drives became educated in the superior driving pleasures of the all-new Audi Q4 e-tron.                                                   

Altogether a very successful Audi-USP Partner initiative! 

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